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7000m Peak Expedition

There are 414 peaks open for climbing in Nepal. Of those 414 peaks there 72 (7000m/22,965ft) peaks open for climbing. The 7000m peaks of Nepal can include some of the most daunting climbing objectives that the Himalayan kingdom has to offer. There is certainly a range of difficulty from easy to challenging to keep both the novice and expert climbers busy.

The upper 6000m peaks and the 7000m peaks also begin to form an apparent distinction. It is here that we can really distinguish between the tactics used on mountaineering peaks and technical alpine peaks. Mountaineering tends to involve more trekking on lower angle to moderately steep terrain whereas technical alpine objectives climb very steep terrain and require the use rope systems to arrest the climber in the event of a fall. Climbers will usually take the siege approach for mountaineering and higher elevation objectives. On technical alpine ascent climbers will usually go in an alpine style fixing minimal camps and in some cases no camps at all.

A 7000m expedition is a necessary and appropriate prerequisite to an 8000m expedition. 

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Churen Himal Expedition - 7371m (24,183ft)

View of Churen Himal from South face
Duration: 37 Days Elevation: 7371m (24,183ft) Grade: AD/Scottish Grade III Co-Ordinates: 28°44′06″N 83°12′58″E Group Size: 2-10 people per group

Gurja Himal Expedition (7193m/23,599ft)

Gurja Himal Expedition
Duration: 37 Days Elevation: 7193m (23,599ft) Grade: AD/Scottish Grade III Co-Ordinates: 8°40′26″N 83°16′37″E Group Size: 02-10 People per group

Baruntse Expedition (7129m/23,389ft)

Mera la pass group Photo for Baruntse expedition
Duration: 35 Days Elevation: 7129m (23,389ft) Grade: Peu difficile (PD++) Co-Ordinates: 27°52'19'' N / 86°58'55'' E Group Size: 02-10 People per group

Gangapurna Expedition (7455m/24,457ft)

Gangapurna Expedition in Nepal Himalayas
Duration: 33 days (typically) Days Elevation: 7455m (24,457ft) Grade: Moderate Climb (PD++) Co-Ordinates: 28°36'18''N, 83°57'00''E Group Size: 02-10 People per group

Pumori Expedition (7161m/23,494ft)

Group Photo at Pumori Base Camp
Duration: 33 Days Elevation: 7161m (23,494ft) Grade: AD Assez Dificille Co-Ordinates: 28°00'53''N, 86°49'41''E Group Size: 02-10 People per group

Tilicho Peak Expedition (7134m/23,406ft)

Tilicho peak expedition in Nepal
Duration: 33 Days Elevation: 7134m (23,406ft) Grade: Peu difficile (PD++) Co-Ordinates: 28°49'58''N / 84°31'22'' E Group Size: 02-10 People per group

Putha Hiunchuli Climbing (7246m/23,772ft)

Duration: 33 Days Elevation: (7246m/23,772ft) Grade: Peu Difficile (Easy) Co-Ordinates: 28°44′50″N-83°08′55″E Group Size: 02-10 People per group

Lakpa-Ri Expedition (7045m/23,113ft)

Lakpa-Re expedition in Tibet China
Duration: 35 (typically) Days Elevation: 7045m/23,113ft Grade: PD. Easy-Moderate Co-Ordinates: 27°59′17″N 86°55′31″E Group Size: 01-10 People per group

Everest North Col Expedition

North Col expedition in Himalayan
Duration: 34 days (typically) Days Elevation: 7000m/23,000ft Grade: Peu Difficile (Easy) Co-Ordinates: 28°00′57″N 86°55′30″E Group Size: 01-10 People per group

Khumbu Ice Fall Climbing (5943m/19,500ft)

Khumbu Ice fall Base camp in Everest Nepal
Duration: 30-33days (typically) Days Elevation: (5943m/19,500ft) Grade: AD. Moderate Co-Ordinates: 27.9958° N, 86.8728° E Group Size: 01-10 People per group

Tukuche Peak Expedition(6,920m/22,6801ft)

Tukuche Peak Expedition in Nepal
Duration: 30 (typically) Days Elevation: (6,920m/22,6801ft) Grade: Moderate Climb (PD++) Co-Ordinates: 28°35'13 Group Size: 02-10 people