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Nepal is well-known for the Himalayas and as a birthplace of Gautam Buddha. Mount Everest, the highest peak on earth lies here. So, officially Nepal is the highest country on Earth where snow capped mountains towering to Sky disappear into the clouds like stairways to heaven.

Nepal is the homeland of thousands of mountain peaks including Mt. Everest and other eight tallest mountains above 8000meters among the 14 peaks in the world. Tourists come to Nepal for trekking, climbing; admire the world's tallest peak, hiking, and the see the Everest. But this delightful country is more than just the mountains.

Nepal is an important pilgrimage destination for Buddhist and Hindus all over the world. Millions of Buddhists come from far and wide to visit the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, UNESCO World Heritage Site of Lumbini. Maya devi temple complex where Buddha once lived. Not only Buddhist, Nepal is the foothold of millions of Hindus. Thousands of temples of Hindus gods and goddess are carving history from the ancient time.

Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal is enriched in world heritage sites and encircled by green hills with soaring mountain ranges. The beautiful city is not only famous for culture and architecture; it offers western vibe in many restaurants in Thamel, Boudha and other area.

Similarly, Pokhara, Chitwan, Janakpur, Illam and many other places are renowned for different types of activities and culture. Where you reach; you will greet by wide smiles of friendliest Nepalese people. Nepal has many things awaiting to offers you. Being atop the world, Nepal most be visited once in lifetime – it just one step away from heaven. Come and travel in the holy land to see the nature and cultural combination.

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Mountain Expedition - Mountaineering Adventure

Mountaineering in the Himalayas

Nepal is synonymous with trekking & mountaineering. The difference in the two is that Mountaineering is much more challenging and specialized. In terms of technicality the Mountaineering in Nepal is on terrain that would be considered trekking peaks in the other Mountain ranges on the planet.

Tours in Nepal

Satori Adventures is an emerging tour operator based in Kathmandu Nepal. We have various tour packages combined to different types of activities including city sightseeing, cultural tours and many more. Nepal tour packages are adventurous to leisure in nature. We have designed tours of different duration including various activities of nature and cultural experiences.

Peak Climbing in Nepal

peak climbing in nepal72

Satori Adventures is a registered and licensed mountain guide service in the Himalaya. For those clients who are interested in trekking and trekking peak climbing in the countries of Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and Pakistan we are currently offering support and services.

Trekking in Nepal

Panoramic view from Everest view lodge at Syangbotche

With the Himalayas in the background, Nepal attracts everyone who is passionate about trekking and hiking. There is no better way to get a deeper insight into the routine of locals and their culture than following one of them along a mountain trail.

Adventure Sports in Nepal

Paragliding in Nepal

Nepal is a rare hub of Adventurous sports (also known as extreme sports). It offers a myriad of opportunity for adventurous sports to the visitors.

Educational Tour & Treks

Educational tour in Nepal

Satori Andventures Pvt. Ltd. offers high school adventure excursions to high school students.

Jungle Safari Tours

Jungle Safari in Nepal

It’s not surprising that Nepal is considered to be the country of immense diversity. Aside from being a perfect destination for trekking, hiking, backpacking, and mountaineering, it impresses travel enthusiasts around the globe with its jungle environment. Whether you are willing to take a glance at the unspoiled wilderness or make your way through the thick forest, you have to set off to the jungle safari in Nepal. There are many areas surrounded by tangled vegetation and trees in the country. It is jungle safari tour that has something special for everyone...

Helicopter Tour in Nepal

Nepal helicopter tour

As one of the largest and most experienced guiding agencies, Satori Adventures offers services of helicopter charter in Nepal, providing clients with the unique opportunity to explore the country in a different way – from the skies.

Flight Tickets in Nepal

Flight ticket in Nepal

Nepal is a country with the beauty of nature and unique of culture which is enough to spellbind the outsider’s. Nepal is a Himalayan country and there are not sufficient roads to travel one place to another by land. Almost the country is surrounded by the hills and mountains.

Mountain Biking in Nepal

mountain biking adventure in nepal

Cycling and mountain biking in Nepal is the best way to explore and discover the isolated and unfrequented areas of the beautiful country of Nepal. Once you set off on your Nepal bike tour, you will immediately be drawn in the fascinating mountain panorama of snowy peaks, breathtaking waterfalls, attractively carpeted grasslands, turquoise-tinted lakes, remarkable gorges, cascaded-flowing rivers and beautiful fruit orchids.