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Tibet Mountaineering

Mountain Expedition from Tibet offers some of the 8000 meter peak climbing expedition. The north route of Mount Everest climbing happens from Tibet side. The plain land of Tibetan terrain offers easy access to the base camp of the mountains by land transportation. So the cost for the climbing and mountaineering is low in compare to climb from Nepal side.

Due to very reasonable price for royalty and all the expedition costs, mountaineering from Tibet is getting popular. The most popular climbing peaks from Tibet side are Everest 8848, Cho Oyu 8201m, Shishapangma 8035, Lakhapa Ri and Gurlamandata.

Satori Adventures offers all kind of logistic arrangements necessary for climbing including climbing permission from China Mountaineering association. We can arrange porters, yaks and necessary transports for climbing. Our professional climbing Sherpa and cook from Nepal organize all base camp and high camp arrangement for your successful mountain summit.

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Everest Expedition North (8,848M/29029ft.)

everest expedition north59
Duration: 61 Days Elevation: 8,848M/29,029ft. Grade: Challenging Co-Ordinates: 27°59'17'' N / 86°55'31'' E Group Size: 02-10 People per group

Shishapangma Expedition (8013m/26,289ft.)

shishapangma expedition3
Duration: 45 (typically) Days Elevation: (8013m/26289ft.) Grade: Moderate/Strenuous snow climbs Co-Ordinates: 28°21'08''N, 85°46’47''E Group Size: 02-10 People per group

Cho-Oyu Expedition (8,201M/26,906ft)

cho oyu expedition75
Duration: 46 (typically) Days Elevation: 8,201m (26,906ft) Grade: Moderate Climb (PD++) Co-Ordinates: 28°05'37''N, 86°39'43''E Group Size: 01-10person per Group